Data Protection Policy


  • HAPPY LIFE, a French simplified joint-stock company, having a share capital of 50.000 Euro, having its registered office at Paris 75008, 49 rue de Ponthieu, registered with the Paris Registry of Trade and Companies under number 842 136 376
  • Offers us the possibility for:
  • - creators to list their products on the HAPPY LIFE website and mobile application
  • - internet users to purchase the creators’ products on the HLSpecial Site
  • In the context of its activities, HAPPY LIFE may process the data of the Relevant Persons concerned under the conditions  described below
  1. Why a data protection policy?
    • Protecting data is of paramount importance to us. This policy is aimed at defining our obligations as regards the protection of data which we receive from the Relevant Persons in the context of the services provided by HAPPY LIFE. We also comply with all applicable legal provisions set out in the Law No. 78-17 dated 6 January 1978 and the general data protection regulation.
    • Any use of the Services implies an unconditional acceptance of this policy. Failure to accept this policy shall prevent the Relevant Persons from using the Services.
  2. Who is responsible for processing data?
    • The person responsible for processing data determines the terms and conditions and the grounds for the processing of such data.
    • The sub-contractor is a person who processes the data on behalf of the person in charge of data processing, as authorised and in accordance with the instructions given by, the latter.
    • HAPPY LIFE is in charge of processing all data collected from the Relevant Persons, from the creators when they accept the HAPPY LIFE general conditions and from the internet users who set up an account or purchase a product, on the HLSpecial.
    • HAPPY LIFE will always do everything required to protect the data it holds or it processes, and maintain its confidentiality, in accordance with applicable law, and in particular, Law No. 78-17 dated 6 January 1978 and the general data protection regulation.
  3. What type of data do we collect?
    • We collect the following data from Relevant Persons:
    • In respect of each creator, the data it has entered for or communicated directly to HAPPY LIFE:
      • identity data such as first names, last names, user names, professional positions, email and postal addresses, telephone numbers
      • financial data such as banking identities
      • IP address and connections Logs
    • In respect of internet users:
      • data entered or communicated by the client, such as first names, last names, user names, email and postal addresses, telephone numbers, bank card details
      • data which is automatically recorded such as IP addresses and connexion logs.
  4. What are the grounds for the data processing?
    • The legal basis for the processing of data by HAPPY LIFE is the following: the data needs to be processed so that HAPPY LIFE can provide the Services to the Relevant Persons in accordance with the contracts entered into between HAPPY LIFE and said Relevant Persons.
    • More specifically, the data processing is required for the following actions:
    • As regards the processing of the creators’ data:
      • listing of the creator on the HLSpecial
      • invoicing mandate conferred by the creator on the HLSpecial
      • invoicing the commission to the creator
      • follow-up with the creators, including providing advice relating to relevant markets for the products and providing all other such information as may be required in accordance with the HAPPY LIFE general conditions
      • communicating updates to the Services
      • marketing
    • As regards the processing of internet users’ data:
      • management, monitoring and processing of orders on the HLSpecial
      • management and monitoring of deliveries
      • management of customer care/product support
      • monitoring relationships with the internet users
      • personalisation of the client’s experience on the HLSpecial
      • management of subscriptions to the newsletter and sending out marketing information relating thereto electronically (by email and/or SMS)
      • management of participation in competitions
      • management of client reviews
      • monitoring the use of the HLSpecial so that it can be improved if necessary
      • marketing.
    • Data may also be processed so as to assess and improve the Services provided to the creators and internet users and in particular so as to try and combat computer fraud.
  5. To whom is the data provided?
    • Data shall never be provided to third party partners of HAPPY LIFE to enable them to carry out commercial prospection.
    • Relevant Persons’ data is provided to employees of HAPPY LIFE to allow the above-mentioned actions to be carried out.
    • Internet users’ data is also provided to the creators responsible for the products such users purchased through the HAPPY LIFE Services for the purpose of invoicing the products and ensuring their delivery, customer care and product support.
    • Data may also be provided to third parties acting in their capacity as subcontractors for the following purposes:
      • hosting of the HLSpecial
      • secure online payment solutions
      • sending marketing emails
      • technical maintenance and developing solutions to allow the Services to be offered.
    • Generally, we focus specifically on the commitments made by our subcontractors as regards data protection and in particular, as regards the security and confidentiality of the data we provide them with. We ensure that each subcontractor provides all the required guarantees as regards security and confidentiality of data, whether or not such subcontractor is located within the European Union.
    • It is possible that, due to exceptional circumstances, HAPPY LIFE may be required to disclose Relevant Persons’ data to a judicial or regulatory authority which may so request in accordance with applicable law.
    • We may also be required to transfer or share all or part of the Relevant Persons’ data in the event of a merger, an acquisition, a restructuring or a total or partial asset sale affecting HAPPY LIFE, or in the event of the judicial winding-up or restructuring of HAPPY LIFE.
  6. How do we ensure the security and confidentiality of the data?
    • HAPPY LIFE uses all appropriate technical and logistical means in order to guarantee the security, integrity, confidentiality and authenticity of the data.
    • In particular, we refer to technical security means implemented in order to protect data from destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorised accidental or illicit disclosure or access.
  7. How long is the data conserved for?
    • Data is only conserved for such period of time as is reasonable and absolutely necessary for the processing purpose for which such data was collected, or such other period as has subsequently been authorised by the clients and users.
    • Consequently, the Relevant Persons’ data shall not be conserved for more than five (5) years starting from the end of the commercial relationship between HAPPY LIFE and the Relevant Person, save any express request by such Relevant Person to have his/her data deleted before the expiry of such five-year period, and subject always to applicable law relating to conservation of data.
  8. What are the persons whose data is processed entitled to?
    • Each Relevant Person whose data has been processed, is entitled to access, rectify, oppose, delete, oppose profiling and limit the processing and portability of his/her data.
    • The Relevant Person can submit any correspondence in this regard to HAPPY LIFE at the following postal Happy Life SAS 49 rue de Ponthieu 75008 Paris or email addresses: The Relevant Person must state which data in particular he/she wishes to amend, update or delete, and provide a copy of his/her ID (identity card or passport) for the purpose of identifying him/herself. Requests to delete data will be considered on a case by case basis by HAPPY LIFE, on the basis of the relevant legal obligations which it is subject to, in particular as regards conservation or archiving of data.
    • Relevant Persons may also file a claim with the supervisory authorities and in particular the CNIL (National Commission for IT and Freedom) (
  9. Do HAPPY LIFE Services use cookies?
    • HLSpecial uses cookies on the HLSpecial Site. Cookies are small text files (usually composed of letters and numbers), stored in the memory of the browser or device when visiting a website or viewing a message.
      They allow a website to recognize the browser or device.
    • Like most websites, the HLSpecial Site uses technologies, in the majority, through small data files stored on the device of the Concerned Persons that allow us to record certain information when the HLSpecial Site is visited or used.
    • There are several types of cookies:
      • Session cookies: they expire upon closing the browser and allow HAPPY LIFE to link the actions of the HLSpecial Site during that particular session
      • Persistent cookies: they are stored on the device of the Concerned Persons between browsing sessions and allow to memorize the preferences or actions of the Concerned Persons on several sites
      • Proprietary cookies: they are issued by the HLSpecial Site
      • Third-party cookies: they are issued by a third party site, separate from the HLSpecial Site
    • When using the HAPPY LIFE HLSpecial website accessible at, the Concerned Persons are informed that cookies essential for the provision of the Services by HAPPY LIFE are installed on their terminal.
    • - List of essential Cookies

    • Essential Cookies are those without which the use of the site is impossible
    • Cookie proposed by Name of the cookie Purpose of the cookie Life expectancy
      Addons Encrypted Keeps the session open on the website and saves the products added to the shopping cart. This cookie is required to access the shopping cart and make a purchase on the site 1 year
      Addons Encrypted Contains information relating to the customer's navigation on the catalogue and ensures the continuity of his journey (faceted navigation). 20 minutes
      Addons Encrypted Contains information about marketing notifications already presented to the visitor (so as not to introduce them again). Deleted when closing the navigator Langage Contains the current language of the site. 1 year PSDOTCOM42 Stores session information, allowing to track the user, location and IP address. 3 Weeks
      Addons Is_returning Logs if the user has already logged in. Browsing session
      PrestaShop Session_id Logs the user's session IDs. Identifies the user's http session and a user's requests during a session. Browsing session
    • - List of cookies required to provide the Services

    • The cookies necessary for the provision of the Services are there to display the viewing information correctly on the site
    • Cookie proposed by Name of the cookie Purpose of the cookie Life expectancy
      Silverpop com.silverpop.iM AWebCookie Use for the Silverpop transactional email tool. It assigns a unique identifier to the site visitor. 13 months
      Silverpop com.silverpop.iM A.page_visit Use for the Silverpop transactional email tool. One cookie per session created for each page visited in a session. Used to distinguish the first visit of a user's web page from subsequent visits. Browsing session
      Silverpop com.silverpop.iM A.session Use for the Silverpop transactional email tool. Assigns a unique identifier for the navigation session. It associates a series of events with a single navigation session. Browsing session
      AB Tasty ABTasty Information for les A/B tests 13 months
      AB Tasty ABTastySession AB Testing user session. Browsing session
      AB Tasty ABTastyUTMB Information for les A/B tests Few Minutes
      AB Tasty Visitorld Information for les A/B test Browsing session
      iAdvize 1749vvc Allows the provision of an interactive chat to help customers in their purchase journey. Browsing session
      iAdvize 1749last Allows the provision of an interactive chat to help customers in their purchase journey. Browsing session
    • - List of audience measurement cookies

    • Cookie proposed by Name of the cookie Purpose of the cookie Life expectancy APISID Accounts for the number of users using Google Maps and their information. Statistics over the year. 13 months HSID These cookies are used by Google to record the user's preferences and information when visiting pages that Google matches. 13 months
      Google NID Customize ads on Google sites based on user requests. 13 months
      Google Analytics OTZ Cookie of Google APIs. Used by Google Analytics and the G+ button. Year statistics 13 months
      Google PREF Saves the configuration options you have chosen on the site (interface, language, etc...). Year statistics 13 months
      Google S Google session cookie. Browsing session
      Google SAPISID Saves the settings options for Google Maps users. Statistics over year. 13 months
      Google SID Cart ID / Add Cart and Order Entry Browsing session
      Google SSID Allows access to the user's data stored in his Google applications. Statistics over year. 13 months
      Google Analytics _utma Measures the site's audience and the user's navigation as well as its statistics. Statistics over year. 13 months
      Google Analytics _utmb Determines whether or not the user is visiting the site for the first time. 30 minutes
      Google Analytics _utmc Identifies the connections of Internet users who have already visited the site. until the end of browsing session
      Google Analytics _utmt Is used to limit too high a rate of requests in case of high traffic on the site. 10 minutes
      Google Analytics _utmv This cookie is set when using the utmSetVar function to segment visitors. Statistics over year. 13 months
      Google Analytics _utmz Manages the Internet user's source information: the page from which the user accessed the site, the search engine he used to access it or the link he clicked on, the keyword(s) used for the search and the country from which he connected. 7 months
      Google Universal Analytics _ga Allows you to distinguish unique visitors to the site by assigning a unique identifier for each visitor. 13 months
      Google Analytics _gid Used to distinguish visitors. 24 hours
    • The Persons Concerned may refer to the personal data policies of the publishers of these cookies. To learn more about cookies and to obtain cookie management tools, go to the following sites:
    • The Persons Concerned must expressly consent to the installation of audience measurement cookies on the HLSpecial Site. They may withdraw their consent at any time by setting cookies directly from their browser or by following the procedure proposed on HAPPY LIFE on the HLSpecial Site.
    • Certain features of the HLSpecial Site, services, applications and tools are made available only through these cookies or trackers. The Persons Concerned may block, delete or disable these technologies if the browser or device used allows it. However, the refusal to use these technologies may result in the unavailability of certain features of the HLSpecial Site, certain services, applications or tools. Concerned Persons may also be asked to enter their password more frequently during the browsing session because the use of the HLSpecial Site requires the creation of a user account.
  10. Where the datas are hosted ?
    • The data are hosted at OVH in France and Europe.
  11. How to contact us ?
    • For any question relating to the protection of personal data, it is possible to contact the Data Protection Officer we have appointed, by email
  12. How to accept or reject the installation of cookies on your device ?
    • For cookies used to deliver personalized ads, you can make a choice from our Consent Management Platform, available here: Consent management platform. You can also allow, reject or disable cookies by changing your browser settings. If you disable a cookie already installed on your browser, it will no longer be active, but will not disappear from your browser until the end of its lifetime. However, please note that blocking all cookies may block your access to some of our services or affect the performance, efficiency or customization of the service offered by our site.
  13. You can express your choices and modify your wishes regarding cookies through your browser.
    • Each browser is configured differently. You must follow the instructions given by the supplier. As of the date of update of this Cookies Policy, these instructions are available for the most common browsers through the following links:
    • If you use Microsoft Edge :
    • If you use Internet Explorer :
    • If you use Safari :
    • If you use Firefox :
    • If you use Chrome :
    • If you use different devices, be sure to set up each individual browser according to your preferences.
  14. Social network sharing buttons
    • Social network privacy policies should allow you to make your choices about cookies, especially by setting up your user account on each network.