HL Special !
a story of women, passionate and daring.

Five women who, faced with the sluggish abundance of products and proposals from the contemporary market, have decided to travel the world and to meet eclectic and talented creators, artisans with millennia-old know-how, to find authentic products and exception.

Today, these five enthusiasts of life and beauty, combine their complementary expertise and create HL Special.

They make us discover their products differently, thanks to an avant-garde concept, combining conviviality, excellence and requirement.

HL Special is therefore an online event store, organized around ephemeral themes. It is a web platform that is a place of expression and exhibition.


Therefore, creators, artists and craftsmen with varied universes, are gathered by the uniqueness of their talent and creativity.
But HL Special does not stop at a quality website and at the cutting edge of the latest technologies; it is above all the creed in a Happy Life Special. Thus, each thematic event presented online, will find its extension in the meeting with the public, through the creation of ephemeral and friendly showrooms, places of life, meeting and sharing.

Throughout the year, HL Special will offer a renewed selection, daring and sharp, thanks to daring themes, dedicated to a demanding clientele and curious of discoveries "differently".

HL Special, what's new !